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Movement Humanity Family World Organization : MHF-World.Org

Is In the In process of  forming  Non Government and Non Profit Organization Which was Shouted out in  & NP which was shouted out on 26th March 2019  15:15 MEZ  Timing By Mr. Michael W. Merkel & Mr. Uzair M Ghole In collaboration with KHM-WorldFoundationFamily (KARL HEINZ MERKEL) UMG WORLD FOUNDATION Shouted Out By UZAIR M. GHOLE & MWM World FoundationFamily by Micheal W. Merkel Collectively which was planned to finalize in Feb 2020 But due to Some Situation over the past Few month of the Health And lock down situation all over the world its been postponed to get finalize in the legal documents .  Awaiting to Land  Mr. Uzair M Ghole to come in Germany and take the charge of establishing the NGO AND NPO to it final and last stage on Documentation which will soon happen in near future as the things get aligned and normalize  in world travel industry.

As this is the non profit organization and we don’t charge  any one to any money or any charges over helping the mankind for their own betterment , This Absolut Scam free organization. Even though its just shouted out and has not come to its final stage for establishment yet we still helping people in getting their biggest Dream come true.

The Dream Which you ever Had in your mind and was not able to accomplish due to lot of factors that make you think this is not able to be done in this life , Let us help you and we make sure that we make all the need arrangement with our contacts in Middle East, Asia , Africa And Europe  And In America To bring all the needed sources at one place and we help you to Achieve it.

About MHF one thing is very clear that we don’t need your money , We need your skills, talents, Ability and Your Dreams, your Ideas and we make sure that it comes true with all the efforts we can and al the possibilities and ways we can generate to achieve it .

We have one success story which you can see in our testimonials sections of Miss Silvana where she is sharing a story how MHF helped to bring forward her skills of painting ART in front  of  the whole world by making her Teaser video about her Art and the book which is soon going to  be published as an E book format on 14 different portal of the books world.

What is the investment ? Of Silvana in this ?


Watch Out the first Victory successfully rendered to make Silvana’s Dream Come true  in her Testimony and few YouTube videos on her Art. the book is going to be launched on 21st Of Dec 2020 The day conjunction  in the universe which is happening for the first time  in the past 6000 years .

This Days has been intentionally chosen for the launch of Silvana’s book on all the 14 Portal of the  Book  because of you see our video on The Great Conjunction :

If you have seen the above video you will come to know why we are starting our first  project  on this date  and like this we going to open various projects all over the world soon and every one will be getting benefited with it .

Hence MHF is all about Making your Dream Come true with no investment If you really want to do that get in touch with us and lest discuss your success. Which is for sure waiting for your actions . And Remember All comes in Right Time .

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Mr. Uzair M. Ghole Author / Founder
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Dipl.-Ing.- FH Michael W. Merkel
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Silent Investor KHM-World-Foundation-Family

Our Support

MHF is willing to help entire mankind with no investment and you know in this world there are millions of people who has some skills and some talents and has various dreams and ideas and they are not able to fulfill it  , or they are not able to know how they can accomplish it. Are you in that situation ? please contact us in this respect and we will be more then happy to help you .

And there also millions who are willing to help these kind of people and we all know to make these things happen we need some medium of exchange that is fund , So all those who are ready to support these kind of people who cant spend or cant arrange fund and they want to help them ? And if you have these fund with you and do want to help in terms of financial supports you are welcome to donate every single coin or cents can make difference. Please Follow our pay pal link to donate .