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MovementHumanityFamily-World NonGovernment NonProfitOrganisation in short MHF-World.Org

Registrated in Germany at Obere-Ried Straße 19 GER 68309 Mannheim county Baden Württemberg.

MHF-World-AREA19-23/29&81 HeadOffice Germany
Dipl.-Ing.-FH Michael W. Merkel
Obere-Ried Straße 19
GER 68309 Mannheim-Käferdahl

World Home Zone +4962116613840

World Central Fax +496217187607 only by appointment

CEO +49 176 47273340
Mr. Uzair M. Ghole Author / Founder
CKO +4917632001688
Dipl.-Ing.- FH Michael W. Merkel
CFO +4917632973205
Silent Investor KHM-World-Foundation-Family

“Help all people who live their lives independently and responsibly, to realize their dreams, goals, visions!”

You have the love

“We love to inspire YOU to create your own DREAMLIFE!”