HELLO THIS IS ME  Mike And Uzi Together

We are are Announcing this to All Mankind , in order to get a support from the most impact full link in this world that is you yourself and your own powers which are god Gifted to every single being on this earth and in this Universe . We have possibilities of Network and events from  our Foundation MHF-World.Org under MWM world foundation which are looking forward to make a revolution in the mankind’s history towards the betterment of the human being of entire world . No body has ever done in the history of Media or Coaching Industry and any of all the foundation of the worlds which are existing so far. We are Trying to Solve the Problems of the human beings , we are trying to Help those who are servicing not by helping them in terms of money and all the materials things which are momentary but we are trying to help them to eradicates all the problems from its roots The cause of all problems . And what is that ? Get the Answers from our specified courses which are free to every one and have not to incurred any charges from our side . Via Digital Online Conferences, Skype meetings, Zooms Meetings and Public Speaking on and platform you are looing to spread this positivity to each and every part and corner of the world and the universe and immerge the successful human beings with out sufferings.

Me Micheal W. Merkel and my partner UZI (Uzair M Ghole) would like to start this with Mannheim Germany, Vietnam, Armenia, India, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia , Rwanda , Congo Brazzaville, CONGO DRC,Gabon, Johannesberg, Capetown , Durbun , UAE, etc  via our first project to help entire mankind in this world  Network slowly expanding towards more then 200 countries .
We would like you to be our partners  in the whole world you all humans with your very special pwers inside you which is hidden and need a special training for the same to make it evident to yourself and to all  and want to infect with our positive and motivational objectives of taking out entire worlds human being from the trap of their own mental bondage of Unsuccessful life , their religious beliefs with out knowledge and blind faiths , the era of  depressive world , lack of resources , lack of money , lack of power lack of competency and lack of prosperity is about to its end .
CALLING UPON ALL OF YOU  humans beings for this biggest revolution to be our partners , not only to those are are came out from these trap and got success on their life , and was able to get what ever they wanted to achieve in their life fighting with the situation of their own trap an challenges and achieved it. but we are calling to all those also who have not done this yet and still struggling with their situation in some countries in the world , due to reasons like
1 Political boundaries
2 political influences
3 lack of money.
4 lack of resources .
5 Depression.
6 poverty.
7 inability.
8 incompetency.
9 lack of education.
10 Lack of Ideas
Like these millions of  more points we can cover in this . We going to call upon all those people who are looking towards those who are successful and try to learn .
We are Calling upon to those who think they are not capable to do some thing or anything .
The Question is  What about these people ? What they are doing ?  And also to those who watch these successful people but haven’t learn or think they cant learn Coz they Don’t know the technique.
The Good News and the Answer is :
We are going to show them this technique and we will show them they can do every thing that all the rich & successful people have done in their life .     Infect they can do much better then that.
How and when they can do it ? NOW RIGHT FROM THIS MOMENT .
Its Now the time has came Now to come out form this Trap and if you are open for this .
We call you upon to arrange this  free event over any platform live or digital or on any social media like . Facebook, What’s app, Zoom, Skype etc. . where you Don’t have to spend a single cents , and can get billion dollars training FOR FREE  We Mike And Uzi Are we are sure all will be  saying yes to it. SO LETS DO IT .

We need not need  to publicly announce about this  on Newspapers and Television and the local media , poster banners and billboards , We can do it right here right now with your phone which is a million Dollar device and lets use it for the better cause rather then just killing time and get no benefits . so every single human can come no matter what cast creed religion and sector of work he or she is from for kids, teenagers and for older for middle age this is for every body for entire mankind .
Take your phone make a group add us in that UZI and Mike get our contact details on TELEGRAM AND WHATS APP AND BE IN TOUCH with us on [email protected] and lets discuss how this can be happen, starting from your family, Group, Friends and community and slowly lets spread it to the whole world .
while coming to this event we will be doing some  live experiment which will gives you all  A PROOF  what we are talking about is not fake but its actually can happen , science had proved it and many studies like psychological and Physics studies  like in  Quantum Physics can make these things evident if we understand it.
We will explain you all these in the normal logical thoughts and  simple understanding languages you speak every day , as all the people are not that qualified or Smarter to understand unless they study this in some scriptures which  had already mentioned in these scriptures  about this long back and we haven’t had able to understand that ever, these all question will be cleared and time will be given for those who are curious about their question in their mind .
The event is going to happen an two way interactive event which had ever happen any where in the world on this immense big scale , the speaker and coach like UZI and Mike can take crowd to the level of curiosity and awakened stage where no body have ever gone in the live event .
Test lectures and interview can be given in front of the everyone in the  official way  if needed and can also been given your own introduction and work you all  have been doing from past so many years .
THINK ! THINK! THINK and lets us know is there any harm in looking the door of light which has came in front of you by fortune , Grab it  and pass it to get awakened and successful and Prosperous .