MovementHumanityFamily-World NonGovernment NonProfitOrganisation

Registrated in Germany at Obere-Ried Straße 19 GER 68309 Mannheim county Baden Württemberg.

“Help all people who live their lives independently and responsibly, to realize their dreams, goals, visions!”


HeadOffice Germany

Dipl.-Ing.-FH Michael W. Merkel Obere-Ried Straße 19 GER 68309 Mannheim-Käferdahl
World Home Zone +4962116613840
World Central FAX: +496217187607 only by appointment


CEO +49 176 47273340
Mr. Uzair M. Ghole Author / Founder
CKO +4917632001688
Dipl.-Ing.- FH Michael W. Merkel
CFO +4917632973205
Silent Investor KHM-World-Foundation-Family

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