The Big Question Mark

Myth, Truth, and Mysteries

What is God?

Can we find proof of God’s existence? What is the purpose of our life? These are some of the tough questions addressed in The Big Question Mark . Written in simple, straightforward language, this book eloquently tackles questions about the myths and mysteries of human existence and mankind’s connection to belief and faith. It examines the ritual and practices we follow because of our forefathers’ beliefs—beliefs we are born into—and it explains the misinterpretation of various religious scriptures manipulated by political and religious leaders to control the masses.

The Big Question Mark explores the power of knowledge, opening the door of darkness and bringing us to the light of truth and reality; it reveals the difference between simply following a path and exploring a path armed with knowledge. If you are interested in the truth, the mysteries, and the myths behind the concept of God and the various religions that worship Him, The Big Question Mark is the book for you.

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