Uzair M. Ghole – Introduction

I am Uzair M. Ghole, a common man like the billions of people of the world, which always makes me realize how small I am or how big I am. I was raised in India, in a middle-class family with two siblings and my parents. We lived in a village called Kemburly, situated near the mountains and rivers a few miles away from the city of Maharashta, ccalled Mahad (India).

Father decided to more away to a developed place called Navi-Mumbai (Panvel), which is approximately 100 miles away from Kemburly, in search of advancement in life progress and prosperity.

Let me talk about me even before my existence. The reason I am talking about this is to throw light on further topics of life reality and the question of the existence of God.

This is not a big concept or topic that has to be difficult for every single human being to understand the big question, like DOES GOD EXIST? It has to be understood by each one of us.

It’s simple, as well as complicated, it can be understandable through the signs and signals which we are seeing every single day, but still we are in search of the same answer to that question.

Many scientists, professors, and religous scholars debate and discuss and try to prove that God exists. The trugh is evident and it’s always there in front of us; it’s just that we don’t have the eyesight or we just don’t concerntrate on understanding it. Even if we understand, we are human-the most contentiuos in everything.

So my parents came to Navi-Mumbai and my father started a small business for the survival of his family. He did all that he could to make us happy and to give us a sustainable life where we could have a good education and a good life with al lthe basic needs and amenities. He felt it was his duty and responsibility, and he was committed to it with purity, and let me confess here, HE DID GOOD.

Then I came into existence in my mother’s womb, and let me put more emphasis here on the word “creation”, the creation which came into existence as al the billions before me and after came into this world.

Now here people never think about how this works. How does a life come into the wombs of women? Scientific evidence has given us knowledge about the embryonic development of a fetus and the development of a child in the mother’s womb. Modern scientific inventions have helped us to know all about this and to understand the biggest creation of this world.

There are lots of people in this world who still don’t know about the stages of embryonic development due to lack of education, lack of means, of lack of media.

I will focus on all these aspects of life in this book through a common man’s point of view and capabilities; every single human can think and has that mental capability. One shouldn’t have to be a scholar or scientist or philosopher.

I came into this world and was raised as all human beings are raised, with their parents’ guidelines, their teachings and way of life, the same was their parents taught them. which may be a litter better or more as there is always a bettermen in life per the changing world and economy of the country where you live.

My parents taught me rituals and the teaching of the religion they had followed from their forefathers, and they taught me a belief in God and creation and human existence in this world as per their knowledge and the religious and school teachers.

Things were going along perfectly for my parents, but my mind was always asking questions. What is going on in my life? I used to question myself, and I saw nothing but a big QUESTION MARK.

Why am I learning these lessons?

Is this the lesson of life?

Is this the lesson of religion?

What is religion?

Do I have to follow it without question?

Do I have a choice?

Do I have to follow something else?